A spectrum for everyone.

Nosy Sakatia:

A 15 minute boot ride brings you the wonderful beach on Sakatia. For all of you who prefer lonely beaches and reclusive coves. Discover the island with a pick-nick.



For one day to a small island which is surrounded by a unique coral reef. Only a few meters from the beach you swim in the middle of colourful shoals of fish.



This is the opportunity to observe up close chameleon and lemurs (primates which only exists and live on Madagascar). It is a rich day in observing natural curiosities.


Parc de Lokobe:

This reserve offers a rich diversity in biota. This one-day excursion allows you to get to know nearly all animals and plants which live and grow on this island.



This is a two day excursion for divers and non divers. The island with his snow-white beaches is located north-west of Nosy Bé. Let yourself be seduced and take part in the Robinson Crusoe adventure.


Offshore fishing:

One or two day excursion for 2 to max. 6 people. Plenty of fish swim in these waters so that the Marlin catches are considerable.



At our coast there are 2 diving centre.